Focus on more important things.
⸻ Instead of watching the market all the time.

We have developed an algorithm that does this for you.
Check out the demo, features and how to.

Exclusive buy and sell signals.
⸻ Available for all leading Crypto exchanges.

This bot is only designed for the technical analysis of Bitcoin market and uses various cooperated indicators. All trades are permanently monitored and checked by us.

Automated crypto trading.
⸻ Set it up and sit back.

To ensure that our signals are automatically and reliably converted into orders, we work together with our partners:

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Facts and figures.
⸻ is it successful?

There is no guarantee of success in the future and the bot also makes Non-profitable trades, but the measured profit shows that it is very successful and losses are only marginal.

Who we are.
⸻ and what we do.

We are a small dedicated team of traders and programmers who are constantly working on new strategies and their improvements. We have over 10 years of combined experience to draw on and are happy to help you with any support or questions you may have.
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